Terms & Conditions


    In these Terms and Conditions, the following expressions shall have the following meanings save where the context otherwise requires:
  • 1.1. Agreed Pick-Up Point: the selected spot for You to be gotten by GB Airport Transfers as set out in the Details.
  • 1.2. Agreed Time: the selected date and time for You to be gotten by the GB Airport Transfers as set out in the Details.
  • 1.3. Booking: the booking of a Minicab affected through this Website for undertaking Trips. Bookings can be made for single Trips, return Trips, or split Trips.
  • 1.4. Card: the credit, debit, or charge card You use when making the Booking.
  • 1.5. Cash: the payment You make for the Fare to the GB Airport Transfers and/or its driver.
  • 1.6. Card Costs: are the charges due to the credit card companies used by You to pay for the Trip.
  • 1.7. Details: the details which You must provide upon making a Booking including pick-up date and time, pick-up and drop-off addresses and Your Personal Data.
  • 1.8. Fare: the fee paid by You for the Quote You accept.
  • 1.9. Goods: any goods carried in a vehicle which are booked via this Website.
  • 1.10. Trip: the journey You wish to make from the pick-up address to the drop-off address provided by You.
  • 1.11. Particular Requirements: any specific requirements You may have relating to disabled facilities, the gender of the driver, or otherwise.
  • 1.12. Passenger: any passenger carried in a Minicab which is booked via this Website.
  • 1.13. Personal Data: the details which You provide regarding Your physical and email addresses, telephone number and Card details.
  • 1.14. Quote: a fixed price quote that You receive via the Website for the Trip.
  • 1.15. Terms: these terms and conditions between GB Airport Transfers and You.
  • 1.16. You: means the person who enters Details.
  • 1.17. Minicab: is a Private Hire Vehicle made available for pre-booked Trips, in compliance with the requirements of relevant Licensing Authorities.
  • 1.18. The clause headings and any other headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not affect the construction of these Terms.

2. Insurance:

  • 2.1. Neither GB Airport Transfers nor the Driver is responsible to you for or insured in respect of, any damage or loss that may be sustained by the Goods in the course of a Trip and it is your exclusive responsibility to have such Goods insured regarding such damage or loss.


  • 3.1. It is Your responsibility to ensure That Your Details and Trip are correct and accurate by providing, but not limited to; selecting a vehicle suitable for your luggage requirements, a valid postcode, correct date and time for the journeys to take place, correct customer name, correct and valid email address and correct and valid telephone number. If the Trip details are inaccurate and invalid or no postcode is provided or an; incorrect; date, time, customer name, email address, telephone number provided you may incur additional charges and may not be for a refund.
  • 3.2. For any lost property in the car, they can call the office and collect it. If any customer wants it delivered, they will have to pay the delivery charge to the driver.

4. Cancellation, Amendment & Refund:

  • 4.1. Booking with GB Airport Transfers can be canceled, or the client can make an amendment twelve hours ahead of the agreed time. All the customers have to cancel or amend the booking directly with GB Airport Transfers as per the passenger/Operator contract.
  • 4.2. Any amendments or cancellations of journeys must be reported to the PHV operator.
  • 4.3. GB Airport Transfers is not responsible for consequences if clients make changes or cancellations directly with our drivers.
  • 4.4. 4.1. GB Airport Transfers will put every effort into accommodating booking amendments within twelve hours.
  • 4.5. Just for the client's goodwill gesture, but we cannot guarantee for clause 4.4, so it is the client's responsibility to inform us twelve hours before pick up time as per the passenger/Operator contract.
  • 4.6. Customer can cancel any booking upto 6 hours before booking time without any charges any cancellations less than 6 hours customer have to pay 80% of the original fare
  • 4.7. If a driver reports a booking cancellation or no-show to the PHV operator, you must contact Xpress Airport Transfer within seven days to issue your refund.
  • 4.8. If you provide inaccurate details, including an invalid or missing; postcode, customer name, email address, or telephone number, while booking on our website or to the operator by himself over the phone, you will not be entitled to any refund. To complete the trip, you may incur additional charges from the GB Airport Transfers
  • 4.9. If the luggage doesn't fit in the vehicle's boot, it will be considered a customer's mistake. Hence the customer will not be entitled to any refund.
  • 4.10. Should your flight be canceled and you are on a journey at a later time, you can always let GB Airport Transfers know; therefore, we can continue to keep your booking on hold. If your flight is canceled and you are certainly not traveling any longer and need to cancel your booking, in this case, GB Airport Transfers will deduct the card fee (if charged by the merchant). The remaining amount will be transferred to the customer account as a passenger/Operator contract. There's no charge for this.
  • 4.11. If you cancel the booking within 12 hours of the journey time, there will be not refund as passenger/Operator contract.
  • 4.12. Suppose you cancel the journey before 12 hours of the journey time. In that case, 3% (if the merchant charges us) of the total booking fare will be deducted. The remaining will be refunded within seven business days.
  • 4.13. On non-airport pickup, the standard free waiting time is 15 minutes after the agreed pickup time. If the customer does not show up/is not reachable, then the booking will be marked as a passenger No-show, and you will not be entitled to any refund. In case the passenger advises GB Airport Transfers that they require more than 15 minutes and request GB Airport Transfers to hold their driver to wait for them (Passenger). In this scenario, waiting time charges apply (5 pounds every 15 minutes).
  • 4.14. On airport pickup, the standard waiting time is 60 min (unless the client provides a specified pickup time) after the flight land. If the customer did not show up, the booking is canceled as the customer canceled, and you are not entitled to any refund. In case the passenger advises GB Airport Transfers that they require more than 60 minutes and request GB Airport Transfers to hold their driver to wait for them (Passenger). In this scenario, waiting time charges apply (5 pounds every 15 minutes).


  • 5.1. GB Airport Transfers has warranted to customers that all the drivers are licensed by the Transport of London.
  • 5.2. GB Airport Transfers takes full responsibility for booking with us via our website, telephone, or email.
    Website: https://gbairporttransfers.com/
    Phone Number: 07859764371
    Email: airporttransfersgb@gmail.com
  • 5.3. GB Airport Transfers takes all the ride responsibilities, such as driver's behavior, vehicle insurance, vehicle safety standards, and driver's punctuality (On time at pickup location).
  • 5.4. Any booking booked by us directly will create a contract between GB Airport Transfers and the customer, which takes responsibility for the booking and licensed transport for the journey. Hence, GB Airport Transfers will deal with all the issues of passengers and will resolve them.
  • 5.5. GB Airport Transfers is always available for passengers for any assistance or complaint before, during, and after the ride.
  • 5.6. GB Airport Transfers takes all the responsibility for the direct (Website, telephone, and Email) booking payment paid by the customer (Cash, Card, account, and Paypal) and also takes responsibility for the fare collected by the driver on behalf of GB Airport Transfers.
  • 5.7. GB Airport Transfers always tells our passengers that we are not a VAT-registered business. Any relevant issued invoice shows the gross amount.
  • 5.8. GB Airport Transfers advises all their customers to cancel their booking with the operator. We also instruct our drivers to decline the booking due to unforeseen circumstances directly to the operator. Drivers are not permitted to directly contact the customer to cancel the booking or any amendments.
  • 5.9. GB Airport Transfers ensures the customer that the service belongs to us by providing them the PHV driver and the PHV vehicle details before the journey time.
  • 5.10. All the details are provided via text to the customer, including the driver's name, driver's contact number, and the driver's picture, along with the vehicle details, including the vehicle registration number.
  • 5.11. In the event of outsourcing the booking to any other license operator, GB Airport Transfers takes responsibility as a principal/ Initial booking operator responsible for the entire journey.
  • 5.12. Any booking directly booked with GB Airport Transfers in the event of unsuccessful service. We are responsible for refunding to the passenger within seven working days.


  • 6.1. Passengers cannot take alcoholic drinks onto the vehicles to consume them during the trip.
  • 6.2. GB Airport Transfers further reserves the right to refuse carriage to anyone who is thought to be influenced by alcohol or drugs.


  • 7.1. GB Airport Transfers shall not undertake the carriage or delivery of money or securities, antiques, precious metals, furs, or jewelry or value, any goods or property (of whatsoever nature) an intrinsic value of more than £50.
  • 7.2. Any goods or property of a hazardous, dangerous, inflammable, explosive, or noxious nature, or illegal to possess under existing English Law, are not allowed to carry in the vehicle during the journey.


  • 8.1. If you face any inconvenience or complaint regarding the trip, driver, and vehicle, you need to email us at info@skycabio.com. We will investigate the matter and respond to you within 72 hours.
  • 8.2. For any kind of urgent inquiry or emergency, you need to call 020 8050 5048.
  • 8.3. We don't take the payment directly from the client ourselves. The passenger always pays through a secure payment gateway or our provided business bank accounts. Being a beneficiary, we take responsibility for every payment.


  • 9.1. GB Airport Transfers will maintain the confidentiality of Personal Data collected as part of making a booking. This data will not be shared with any third parties without your consent. GB Airport Transfers may amend this Privacy Policy and will make such changes publicly via the website.